Formed in 2008, long time friends and founders, Michael Beck and Christophe Hernke, set out to finally collaborate with each other’s unique taste in rock and metal.   Both had experience being in bands, but never together.  They soon form a band called “Out of Exile” (formerly Azimuth).  After 2 years, going to a studio, Out of Exile ended.  Michael and Christophe continued to write and decided to dive deeper into the metal scene.  While writing process and in search for future members, Michael met a tattoo artist, Ronald Caldwell, who introduced them to Steve Schell.  

    Steve was the former drummer for the band Contest Of Arms, who had recently disbanded, and he was looking for a new project.  Ron was very active in the local metal scene and brought Steve to one of Michael and Christophe’s writing sessions.  Steve had never attempted metal before.  After hearing and seeing the drive both artist had, Steve made the decision to take part but they needed a name.

Michael 2008

    The three of them made a list of possible names, serious and not so serious.  Reading off name after name, Steve stopped Michael at “City of Mages”, thinking he said “City of Stages”.  Only after talking to Christophe about the band name, did they realize that they were thinking of 2 different names.  After a good laugh, they decided that “City Of Stages” was the most appropriate.  Now all they needed was a singer and bassist.  Steve new someone that may be interested and called up his good friend Matt Agan, who initially started off as the bass player but later became “City Of Stages” front man.

    With a vocalist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, and drummer taken care of, all they needed was a bassist.  After looking for a couple months, Michael put out ads around town.  That’s when they received a message

Steve 2009

from Cole Fagan.  After her first audition, she not only impressed them on how she could keep up, but also how she was able to click with the band so quickly.

    For the next two years, they performed show after show with a blend of metal that many have said sounds familiar but was different.  In 2014 they released their first self produced album “Harboring Destruction”. 

     In September of 2015, City Of Stages looked a little different.  Matt was no longer the frontman and there was a new seat to be filled.  The band was finally complete with the introduction of Brad.  Brad Byrne, a seasoned vocalist from Massachusetts, brought a fresh new tone to City Of Stages. 

    With Christophe’s career and life endeavors.  City Of Stages, again, lost a valued part of the family but gained a new member, Stevie Ray Barns.

  Stevie brings his new take on guitar and sound, which will expand City Of Stages sound. 


Excited about things to come, City Of Stages is currently working on new material to bring to their friends and fans.

Brad 2017

Stevie 2017

Cole 2012

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